Churches in Holmer Green and Penn Street

Christ Church Holmer Green
(Church of England)

Week 1     9am     Holy Communion
                 6pm     Healing Communion

Week 2    11am     Holy Communion (Church Centre)
                  6pm     Service of Prayer and Praise

Week 3      8am     Holy Communion
                11am     Morning Worship (Church Centre)
                  6pm     Faith under Fire

Week 4      9am     Holy Communion
                  6pm     Youth Service (Youth Zone)

Week 5     11am     Morning Worship (Church Centre)
                   6pm     Evening Service
For more Services see Holy Trinity Penn Street

Holmer Green Baptist Church

Sunday Services
10.45 Family Service, Junior Church and Creche
          Holy Communion on 4th Sun.
  6.00 Evening Worship, Holy Communion on 2nd Sun.
 9.30 Playmates
          Craft Group
12.30 Pop in Lunch     1st and 3rd Wed.
10.00 Morning Prayer (Alternate Weeks)
2.15 Women's Fellowship (Alternate Weeks)
  7.45 Bible Study (Alternate Weeks)

Holmer Green Methodist Church

Holy Trinty Penn Street
(Church of England)

Week 1     11am     Family Service

Week 2        8am     Holy Communion BCP
                    9am     Holy Communion
                  11am     Holy Communion (Church Centre Holmer Green)

Week 3        9am     Morning Prayer
                  11am     Morning Worship (Church Centre Holmer Green

Week 4        9am     Holy Communion
                  11am     Holy Communion (Church Centre Holmer Green)
                   6pm     Youth Service (Youth Zone)

Week 5        9am     Holy Communion BCP
                  11am     Morning Worship (Church Centre Holmer Green)

On the 3rd Thursday morning at 11am there will be a
Holy Communion Service at Christ Church.

For more Services see Christ Church Holmer Green